The users are reportedly seeing the 1080p premium option along with the basic 1080p playback option.

YouTube has silently started testing the Unskippable Ads Feature that is appearing five times before every video, as opposed to the previous skippable advertisements, feature hence making the users angry. YouTube also acknowledged the development saying; “This may happen with a certain type of ad format called bumper ads, since they’re only up to 6 seconds long. if you’d like, you can send feedback directly from YouTube via the send feedback tool.”

The Unskippable Ads Feature is Hugely Criticized

The Unskippable Ads issue came to light when multiple YouTube and Reddit users started posting on social media platforms. While some users were forced to watch five unskippable ads others were lucky enough to only receive three ads. An angry user tweeted mentioning YouTube; “So @YouTube 2 ads weren’t enough now y’all wanna play 5 ads that no one cares for AND I CANT SKIP ?”

Many users believe that it is a tactic used by YouTube to lure people into buying the YouTube Premium membership as it is completely ad-free and people can enjoy the videos without having to worry about long ads. Although the advertisements are just 6 seconds long, five ads before a video make for 30 seconds worth of ads, which is even longer than the TV ads.

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Ad Blocker

While users were complaining about the annoying YouTube ads others hoped to encourage the use of AdBlocker which will block any type of ads appearing on your browser to offer a seamless experience. A Twitter user wrote back to the people complaining about the unskippable Ads, he said; “There’s a certain type of plugin called “AdBlocks” that is specifically built to deal with companies trying to drown you in ads.”


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