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Tech giant, Google is now testing a playlist UI redesign for YouTube Music on its Android App. Once the new playlist UI redesign is downloaded on the phone or tablet, users will see the name of the person who created the playlist along with the day that it was created on the Android app. According to the latest playlist UI redesign, the name of the playlist is in a larger font with the description underneath it.

The Latest Playlist UI Redesign of YouTube Music Will Enable Easier Navigation 

Moreover, the new playlist UI redesign allows users to navigate the Android app a bit easier as icons for download, add to the library, play, share, and the three-dot overflow menu are all on one line making them easier to find. Cover art in the new playlist UI redesign appears next with highlighted artist image at the left and vertical text at the right, while YouTube Music’s circular logo is in the top-left corner.

The Android app’s updated playlist UI redesign for the playlists removes the “shuffle” button, thus far the latest UI has only been seen by a single Redditor on his Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 tablet. The prompt response from users on Reddit who viewed a screenshot of the new look of YouTube Music was positive with one saying, “I love it. I just love it.” “God it looks amazing,” wrote another Reddit subscriber.

Users Can Also Enjoy Viewing Art Cover from the Albums 

Furthermore, the new playlist UI redesign of YouTube Music pops up for playlists only and not for albums. That does appear unusual since both playlists and albums have enjoyed sharing the same UI. And the latest design also enables users to enjoy viewing cover art from the albums that host the tunes found in the playlists.

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