YouTube has announced an in-app shopping feature for Shorts hence adopting a model similar to that of the rivals TikTok and Instagram.

YouTube Shorts creators can now clip and remix video clips from billions of YouTube long-form videos. Shorts that remix other videos will automatically include the contribution of the original user any one of the original content creator who don’t want their videos to be remixed can opt out in YouTube Studio.

How to clip and remix a long form video

In order to cut and remix the original long-firm video, tap the “Create” button and then click on the “Cut this video” option, and you’ll be able to select the section of video you want to use for your YouTube Shorts content. If a creator’s long-form video is sampled, the clip will be attributed back with a popup in the Shorts video that says “Cut from [channel name],” with a link to the video. The original creators will be able to track what videos of theirs have been remixed from YouTube Analytics.

A YouTube spokesperson said that long-form original creators will not receive compensation at this time for views generated by Shorts videos that use clips from their videos. However, Shorts creators who remix long-form clips can still monetize the resulting videos through YouTube’s Shorts Fund. The spokesperson mentioned that YouTube is still working on the long-term monetization model for shorts and will share more information in the coming months.

YouTube Shorts coming to other devices

With the new Remixing options, YouTube also announced that it’s also making its Shorts player available to users on more devices, including desktop and tablet devices, as well as the mobile web. Likewise, these devices will find a Shorts shelf on the Home page and a Shorts tab, just like it’s available in the main YouTube app.

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