Xiaomi's AR-based shopping navigation system is believed to provide navigational information to guide the user to the store.

Xiaomi has been granted authorization for an interesting AR-based shopping navigation system. The new system was spotted in a patent, whose description reads; “Shopping navigation method, device, and system based on augmented reality technology AR.”

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Xiaomi’s new AR-based shopping navigation system

As per Xiaomi, the AR-based shopping navigation system will improve the shopping experiences of users. It is believed to provide location information of the product while offering navigational information to guide the user to the store. The Chinese tech giant’s AR shopping navigation system would help you locate the store in which the device is available and offer you waypoints as you find your way to the retailer.

However, the new system, which is expected to offer different conveniences to users, is currently unknown on which devices it will be used. Xiaomi hasn’t disclosed much information but it is anticipated that the technology adds a layer of virtual information on top of the real scenario that would help the user to find the desired product, being able to obtain as much data as they may need before making the purchase. For example, walking in a laptop store and technology will help list the specification of the laptops and their online pricing as well.

Augmented reality in E-commerce

One of the biggest challenges of online shopping is that it doesn’t provide a full sensory product experience. Augmented reality is somehow easing the issue by offering a way to give customers deeper insight and complete information about the products from the comfort of their homes. AR allows e-commerce customers to preview products or experience services in their own environment at their feasible time, before making a purchase. Using AR, customers can preview products and it is highly likely that they pick the right product for the very first time.

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