WhatsApp users in Pakistan are witnessing a paradigm shift in communication as the platform introduces Meta AI, an advanced chatbot technology poised to redefine the way people interact online.

Meta AI Integration Comes to Pakistan

Meta’s AI integration marks a substantial milestone in WhatsApp’s evolution, offering users in Pakistan access to cutting-edge conversational capabilities. Powered by Meta’s Llama 2 open-source AI model, it brings ChatGPT-like functionality to the platform, enriching conversations with its intuitive responses and interactive features. Adding to its repertoire, the artificial intelligence model introduces the ability to generate AI images within minutes; while these images come with limitations in resolution and are labeled as AI-made, they serve as a visually enriching addition to conversations, facilitating enhanced expression and communication.

The latest addition doesn’t necessitate a manual update of your WhatsApp, as it’s a server-side modification. Nonetheless, we advise you to regularly update your app to ensure optimal performance and access to new features, especially if you haven’t encountered this feature yet. Meta AI can be conveniently accessed by tapping the newly introduced search bar located at the top, labeled “Ask Meta AI or Search.” Alternatively, you can initiate new chats by tapping on the Meta AI icon positioned above the button. It functions akin to ChatGPT, operating as a conversational AI chatbot designed to respond to prompts and inquiries.

Enhanced Features

Meta AI introduces an array of prompts covering diverse topics such as fitness goals, travel tips, and home maintenance hacks; users can easily engage with the chatbot by selecting from preset prompts or crafting personalized queries. With the added flair of emojis, conversations with the chatbot are not only informative but also engaging and dynamic.

The integration extends beyond mobile devices, with Meta AI functionality synchronized across WhatsApp Desktop, hence ensuring a convenient transition between platforms, allowing users to access their conversations and engage with the AI’s features effortlessly.

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