WhatsApp is in the process of integrating a highly anticipated feature—scheduled group calls.

WhatsApp is working on a new edit message feature that will allow users to edit messages after sending them. A recent report by WABetaInfo, a WhatsApp update tracker, suggests that an edit message feature might soon be available to the beta versions of the app.

WhatsApp’s most awaited edit message feature

The ability to delete messages was released on WhatsApp five years ago till now if someone misspelled a message or want to correct any typos he have to delete the whole message in order to correct the mistakes. WABetaInfo states; “WhatsApp is developing a new option that will let us edit text messages, so we will finally be able to fix any typo after sending a message!”

According to the screenshots shared by the publication, when you press and hold a message, a new “Edit” button will appear, then, the user will be able to correct or add more info to the message. The news tracker website mentions that although the screenshot is taken from WhatsApp beta for Android. WhatsApp is working on bringing the same feature to WhatsApp beta for iOS and Desktop, and more details will be available later.

Edit history feature

The publication however seems unsure about the ability to check the history of edited messages but it might be incorporated in New updates;  “Probably there won’t be an edit history to check previous versions of edited messages but since this feature is under development, their plans may change before releasing the feature.” Talking about the time window available for users to edit messages, it said; “It’s still not clear about the time window people will have to edit their message. For example, when WhatsApp released the ability to delete a sent message, users had seven minutes to erase the text.”


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