The long-awaited feature, allowing users to convert voice messages into text, is finally making strides towards implementation, promising a more efficient communication experience.

WhatsApp is gearing up to transform file sharing with a new AirDrop-esque feature reminiscent of Nearby Share, allowing users to effortlessly share files with nearby contacts. The discovery was made by WABetaInfo, a platform dedicated to unraveling upcoming WhatsApp features within the latest WhatsApp Beta for Android (update, currently accessible on the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp AirDrop-esque Feature Unveiled

The anticipated feature enables users to transmit files seamlessly to others in proximity, emulating the functionality of AirDrop and Nearby Share. Users will find a dedicated section listing nearby WhatsApp contacts with whom files can be shared. Moreover, a visibility status indicates whether the user’s number is concealed from non-contacts, enhancing privacy in the file-sharing process.

In a unique twist, the file-sharing process involves a dynamic approach – for the recipient to receive the shared file, they must physically shake their device, triggering the visibility of the share request. This interactive method adds a touch of innovation to the conventional file-sharing experience.

Possible Future Rollout

The screenshot provided by WABetaInfo emphasizes on the end-to-end encryption of the file-sharing feature, assuring users of data security. While the experimental phase is underway, the platform plans to release this new feature to the wider public in the near future. Notably, WhatsApp maintains stringent security measures, safeguarding users’ phone numbers and ensuring shared file encryption.

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