Shazam enthusiasts rejoice as the popular music identification app, owned by Apple, has shared a new update. Now, users can effortlessly identify music within apps while donning their favorite headphones. The latest feature enhances the user experience, allowing music discovery without the need to disconnect from the immersive audio world provided by headphones. Whether you’re engrossed in a TikTok video or enjoying tunes in a local café, the Shazam update allows enhanced functionality, taking music identification to a whole new level.

Shazam Update: Headphone-Powered Music Discovery

The highlight of Shazam’s recent update lies in its ability to identify music in apps even when users are wearing headphones. Users can effortlessly recognize and discover the songs playing in various applications by simply checking for the headphone icon within the app and confirming the connection. This feature caters to both wired and Bluetooth headphones, offering a versatile and inclusive experience for music enthusiasts.

“You can now identify music while wearing headphones (wired or Bluetooth). Simply open the app, check for the headphone icon to confirm your headphones are connected, and then start recognising music around you or within apps like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube,” said Apple about the Shazam update.

Integration in Everyday Scenarios

Imagine watching a fascinating TikTok video with headphones and stumbling upon a catchy song, with Shazam’s latest update, users can now initiate the identification process without leaving the TikTok app, providing a smoother and more integrated music discovery experience. Additionally, the convenience extends to scenarios like identifying café tunes without removing headphones, adding additional simplicity to the everyday lives of music lovers.

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