Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi spent a portion of his weekend working for UberEats, the company’s delivery division, he said on Twitter. Khosrowhshahi stated he “spent a few hours delivering” over two days and shared a selfie wearing a helmet and a vivid green bag to carry the food.

Moreover, in the tweets, he also mentioned that he made 10 trips while being online for 3.5 hours, earning him $106.71 with tips, setting his hourly pay at about $30. UberEats workers are compensated per delivery as well as per mile.

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In addition, the CEO’s earnings totaled just over $12 million in 2020, including stock options that are equivalent to nearly 340 times his pay as a delivery worker. Some users on Twitter caught an issue with what he revealed and said the amount gained and the hours served did not add up.

A spokesperson of the company informed that the difference was due to a break and tips that came in after the executive had timed out. UberEats clients can add a tip up to 90 days after their order. Khosrowshahi further tweeted on Sunday evening that was his second day delivering.

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Furthermore, people from Twitter asked him, if anyone recognized him, he replied: “Benefits of masking up!” Gig operators, particularly those contracted by Uber, have regretted the lack of sustainable earnings as well as the scarcity of benefits given for their work. The firm has earlier said that its ride-hailing drivers earn around $25 an hour on average.

However, UberEats contract workers usually earn less than that, and like them rideshare contractor counterparts, they don’t have medical benefits straight through the firm. As per Glassdoor data, the normal hourly salary for an Uber Eats worker varies from $12 to $18.

Source: Business Insider 


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