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Are you one of the YouTubers and looking for changing your YouTube channel name? Well, not to worry as YouTube’s new policy will allow you to change your channel name easily, without having to change the entire details of your Google account.

The new update in the platform appears to be more flexible as it will allow YouTubers to change their profile pictures along with their names, without indulging in a process of changing their Google Account details. Previously, creators had to change their entire Google account details, and their name on YouTube was the same as the name they used to send emails via Gmail. Though this has never made sense for creators who want to keep a more professional tone in their email and on YouTube, this new update will give them a lot more options for versatility.

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So, if you had a name that sounds cheaper or had zero professional touches, you now have the option to re vamp it. However, along with good stuff, there is always a  downside to it, and as for this case changing your YouTube name would result in the loss of your verification badge. Creators will have to apply for the badge, according to YouTube.

Following are the basic steps you need to apply if you are willing to change your YouTube name. To change your channel name and image, head over to ‘YouTube Studio’ on your PC or Mac, then to ‘customization,’ where you can edit your information in the Basic Info and branding tabs. Whereas on mobile devices, the process is a lot much easier, all you have to do is tap on your profile pictures and then tap on ‘Edit channel.’ This how you’ll be done with the changes and your new channel name is ready to be displayed.

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