Liked by Author label

Popular microblogging platform, Twitter is now testing a new “Liked by Author” label that occurs when the creator of a tweet likes the reply of a user. Moreover, the new Like by Author label was recently spotted in the Twitter Android app. A representative from Twitter confirmed that the company has been testing different labels to assist provide people  context about the tweets they view and interact with; However, the platform did not share any further details on the said topic.

Twitter’s ‘Liked by Author’ Label is Similar to TikTok’s ‘Liked by Creator’ Badge 

Furthermore, once the author of a tweet likes a reply, it’s marked with a Liked by Author label that is visible to both the user who left the reply and to others viewing it. Several users around the world have spotted the new Twitter label, although it is unconfirmed if the Liked by Author label is being tested worldwide. It’s worth mentioning that the new Liked by Author label is similar to TikTok’s “Liked by Creator” badge that similarly appears when the creator of a video likes a comment on the post.

This New Twitter Option Can Make Tweets Even More Crowded 

Twitter’s new Liked by Author label could be irritating for some users who consider it a distraction or unneeded addition to what could be an already crowded tweet. It may also appear a bit repetitious when it’s shown next to a reply that only has one like. On the other hand, some Twitter users may view it as a welcome upgrade, particularly if they want to showcase that their tweet was favored by a prominent user, such as a celebrity. Moreover, the Latest Twitter label may also be helpful in instances where a tweet has obtained multiple replies and the original poster wants to underline a few of them without having to directly reply to them.

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