Twitter's soft block feature

Twitter rolled out a new feature called soft block, that will allow users to restrict or remove annoying followers without blocking them. Twitter will not notify the user who has been soft blocked but they can still see tweets on your profile and they would also be able to send you a direct message. Twitter’s soft block feature works best for those users who want to distance themselves from a particular user instead of blocking them.

How do Twitter’s soft block feature works?

In order to use Twitter’s soft block feature you have to click the three-dot menu, that is situated on the profile of the follower you wish to soft block, then click on remove this follower option in order to activate the feature. The soft block feature is a part of the company’s anti harassing effort, which would also help to get rid of spammy or bot accounts that follow you.

Recently, Twitter also started testing a safety feature that automatically blocks the account that is using hate speech or foul language although it is not yet rolled out for public use. Twitter also announced a test of a feature that would allow users to swipe on their timeline between two different feeds: one that’s sorted by Twitter’s algorithm, and one that’s chronological.

Twitter is testing a new feature to deal with harassment

The micro-blogging website is testing another feature as a part of its anti harassing effort. In the new feature, the users who use harmful language will see a prompt suggesting that they self-edit before posting a reply. Twitter confirmed that the test feature will be limited to replies only for now. Twitter also explained that its systems will detect harmful language based on the kind of language used in other tweets that have been reported.

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