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WhatsApp has been going through a lot of negative responses lately, as it has announced to release an update regarding its privacy policy, that will allow Facebook to access users’ data for the sake of its services. And now, the company might be in for some regulatory issues, as well.

A German Privacy Policy is rolling out an approach to stop the platform from integrating its new privacy policy. The Hamburg commissioner for data protection and freedom of information, Johannes Caspar, is also looking out for ways to stop Facebook from taking users’ data from WhatsApp fearing that the platform will use data for the sake of marketing and expanding its business.

Caspar said in a statement: “Currently, there is reason to believe that the data-sharing provisions between WhatsApp and Facebook are intended to be unlawfully enforced due to the lack of voluntary and informed consent. To prevent unlawful mass data sharing and to put an end to unlawful consent pressure on millions of people, a formal administrative procedure has now been initiated to protect data subjects.”

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The main idea is to come to a firm decision by May 15 regarding accepting WhatsApp’s privacy policy or (presumably) stop using WhatsApp. The decision will apply to German residents only but it can be hoped that the initiative rolled out by the German Privacy Policy to stop the platform will urge other countries and regulators.

Earlier Turkey also launched some set of regulations to investigate WhatsApp as well as Facebook regarding the controversial new terms and privacy policy that forces users to share their data that includes confidential information such as location and phone numbers if they wish to continue using the app.

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