The popular short-form video app, TikTok is now testing a new feature that would enable the famous video app to concurrently operate as a job marketplace. The pilot program is created to help people obtain employment opportunities on TikTok and connect with firms in a lookout for suitable candidates. The feature is further intended to help labels use TikTok as a recruitment medium.

The firm is currently experimenting with the service with a beta group of corporations. Numerous prominent labels have been proposed to participate in this scheme, including sports leagues. This newly developed platform is not integrated as a product in TikTok itself, but rather an individual web page. The portal can be accessed through the TikTok app where brands can post jobs, primarily entry-level listings.

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In addition to it, users applying for a job can post a TikTok video resume to the site instead of a conventional resume. This feature intends to provide an opportunity for the users to present an elevator pitch or work experience summary by a video in a unique way. TikTok will ask applicants to post their resume videos to their TikTok profiles, if they prefer, to assist in publicizing the new service.

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As Jena McGregor writes, “TikTok, widely known for 15-second videos of cranberry juice-drinking skateboarders and group dance challenges, is fast emerging as a force in the job search ecosystem at a time when unemployment remains high, a new generation looks for their first jobs, and pandemic isolation leads to hours of mindless scrolling.”

Recruiters are naturally gravitating towards TikTok, due to the app’s 700 million global users. Recently, the marketing company Recruiters proposed numerous ways labels could locate job seekers across industries, in education, deliveries, marketing, or healthcare, by both engaging with the platform and sharing targeted ads. It has been advised to the employers to appropriate work-related hashtags for their company to search for people interested in the same field. For instance, the hashtag #nursesoftiktok had around 1.2 billion views.

Source: Axios

Image Source: CNET


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