PureLogic bus meets an accident near kalam

During PureLogic’s annual excursion on Saturday, November 25, 2023, tragedy struck as a bus carrying PureLogic employees back to Kalam met with a harrowing accident, resulting in the heartbreaking loss of three lives. Alongside this tragic toll, sixteen others suffered injuries, shaking the foundations of the entire PureLogic community.

The return journey, initially a culmination of shared experiences and team bonding, turned into an unforeseen catastrophe that rippled through the organization. PureLogic’s Head of HR, Ozair Shahid Nagi, offered heartfelt condolences and prayers for the families bearing the weight of this sudden and profound loss.

Nagi conveyed, “Our hearts ache for the families impacted by this unfathomable event. Our deepest sympathies are extended, and we stand unwaveringly committed to offering solace and aid during this dark hour.”

In a solemn conclusion, Nagi implored, “Let us collectively hold the affected families and our fellow colleagues in our thoughts and prayers. The gravity of this moment is immense, and your unwavering support means everything to us.”

Additional details from the scene revealed that the accident occurred due to adverse weather conditions coupled with a mechanical malfunction in the bus. Emergency response teams swiftly arrived, providing immediate aid and transporting the injured to nearby medical facilities. As investigations continue, the PureLogic community remains united in mourning, seeking strength in their shared sorrow.

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