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Since its web debut in August, Threads has been a game-changer for online conversations, offering a unique space for more intimate and focused discussions; however, one vital feature was notably absent: the ability to quote posts. In response to user demand, Threads is introducing the ability to quote posts on the web, making discussions more interactive and engaging.

Quote Posts on the Web to Initiate Deeper Conversations

Previously, Threads allowed users to repost, akin to a retweet on Twitter, but the absence of the quote feature was a notable limitation. This recent update changes the game. Now, when you come across a post that you’d like to respond to, click on the two arrows icon, and voilà, you’ll find the “quote” option. This new functionality makes it easier than ever to engage in meaningful conversations by referencing specific posts and providing context, fostering a richer dialogue among users.

Instagram’s Adam Mosseri’s announcement that quote posts on the web have been rolled out is welcomed news for the Threads community. This addition enhances the user experience and aligns Threads more closely with other platforms like Twitter, where quoting and retweeting are integral to the discourse.

An Engaging Experience on the Horizon

While the introduction of quoting posts on the web is a positive step, Threads is also working on improving the mobile experience. Threads users on mobile devices can now follow threads and receive notifications, ensuring that they stay connected with ongoing discussions. Although this feature may not have reached all iOS users yet, its imminent arrival promises to make the mobile experience more engaging and interactive.

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