As per recently acquired statistics results, Pakistan has earned $1119.220 million by giving various information technology (IT) services to different countries during the seven months of the financial period between 2020-21.

This can be calculated into a 37.86 percent growth when compared to $811.845 million obtained through the requirement of services during the corresponding time of the fiscal year 2019-20, as per the report of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

Moreover, after further interpreting the data it showed that the computer services increased by 42.21 percent, with a wave from USD 625.105 million last year to USD 888.980 million during July 2020 – January 2021.

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Under the sector of computer services, the export of software consultancy services observed an improvement of 25.10 percent, from USD 238.030 million to USD 297.775 million, whereas the export and import of computer software-related services also raised by 13.89 percent, from USD 191.158 million to USD 217.715 million.

While there was a surge in the software front, the exports of hardware consultancy services decreased by 79.83 percent from, $1.750 million to USD 0.353 million whereas the exports of restoration and maintenance services also dropped by 76.33 percent from $1.263 million to $0.299 million.

Furthermore, the exports of other relevant computer services grew by 93.28 percent from $192.904 million to $372.838 million. The export of data services during the period under survey also grew by 76.80 percent by advancing up from $ 1.250 million to $2.210 million.

In addition to these, among the telecommunication services, the export of call center services also observed an increase by 15.33 percent during the period as its exports progressed from $ 68.502 million to $79.005 million whereas the export of other telecommunication services also rose by 27.38 percent, from USD 116.988 million to USD 149.025 million during the above-mentioned timeline.

Source: Mashable 


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