submarine cable fault

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) said that a dual cut in the terrestrial segment of South East Asia–Middle East–Western Europe 5 had been reported. The fault in the submarine cable has impacted internet services across Pakistan. SEAMEWE-5 is a 20,000 kilometers long submarine communications cable system extending from Marseille in France to Singapore.

Alternate Arrangements to Provide Uninterrupted Internet Services

As per PTA, the work to remove the fault is underway; however, alternate arrangements are provided to the users in order to continue uninterrupted #internet services across the country. PTA tweeted; “Dual cut in the terrestrial segment of SEAMEWE-5 between the cities of Abu Talab and Zafrana in Egypt have been reported. Alternate arrangements to provide uninterrupted #internet services to the users have been made. Work is underway to remove the fault.”

A spokesperson of PTA said that the internet services in the country were partially impacted, and some customers may face minor service degradation. “This is due to a cable-cut in the International Submarine Cable AAE-1 in Egypt. PTCL in conjunction with the International Submarine Consortium is working to fully restore internet services on priority,” reads the statement.

Fault in Submarine Cable Affected Multiple Countries

Private internet provider Transworld Home said that its services are currently affected due to multiple international cables damaged near Egypt. NetBlocks, a website that tracks internet connectivity around the world, tweeted that the internet disruption has impacted several countries, including Pakistan, Indonesia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Yemen, Oman, Somalia, and Chad. It is pertinent to mention here that seven submarine internet cable systems are currently running to Pakistan, of which PTCL, two by Transworld Associates, operates four, and a Chinese company owns a newly launched internet cable system.

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