TikTok-like personalized feed

The popular audio streaming platform, Spotify is now testing another discovery feature, a TikTok-like personalized feed on the app’s home screen, which introduces users to new music through a feed of canvas loops. Moreover, similar to a TikTok-like personalized feed, these songs and accompanying canvas loops will be shown in a vertical video feed, which Spotify was first spotted testing in November.


The New TikTok-Like Personalized Feed Will Suggest 15 Songs to Users 


Furthermore, this TikTok-like personalized feed — which is tested in the U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada — will suggest 15 songs. If you see a track you like on this feed, you can add the song to a playlist, follow the artist or share it on your social channels. When Spotify rolled out the canvas in 2019, initial reactions were mixed, but the platform continued pushing the feature, even opening a marketplace for artists to sell musicians looping pictures. 


At the time, Spotify declared that users were 145% more likely to share tracks that comprised a canvas loop. Now that canvas loops are continuing to be pushed front and center on the app, this likely means musicians enjoy a better chance of being publicized by Spotify.


Spotify is Also Testing a Feature That Promotes User-Created Playlists


In addition to this, Spotify is also experimenting with a new Featured Curators feature that advertises popular user-created playlists alongside its official Spotify playlists. The latest feature is part of a limited-time test that is developed to promote user-created playlists on Spotify. The feature is also a way for listeners to discover more music on the audio streaming platform.


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Source: TechCrunch 


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