Rabia Naz, a 25-year-old resident of Rahuja town in Sindh’s Khairpur district, created a channel known as ‘Fashion Addiction’ on YouTube a year ago, which now has more than 160,000 subscribers. On top of that, YouTube has given her channel a silver play button to encourage her more. 


YouTube is Rabia’s source of income as well as her hobby. The earnings Rabia gained from her channel have helped her build her own two-room house. Rabia studied up to Inter and, according to her, she willingly discontinued her studies. In the interview, she informed that she was very fond of YouTube and she had been watching YouTube on the internet since childhood. 


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Suffering from financial crises, Rabia came up with the idea of ​​launching her own YouTube channel and engaging people by informing them about matters that are of interest to her. “I have mostly learned to make videos on YouTube from the internet. Help and training are available there. My brothers taught me video editing and I did the rest myself and put my mind to it.”


Furthermore, Rabia Naz says she learned to stitch and made dresses for herself and her family by studying pictures available on the internet. Due to this enthusiasm for tailoring, she became associated with the fashion business and began a fashion channel


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According to Rabia, she is able to earn around Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000 a month from her channel, with the help of which she has built a two-room house for herself which is still under construction but the roof and walls have been raised. Rabia says ladies in her area are mostly uneducated or employed in agriculture. Some of them teach but most women do not have much knowledge about YouTube. “When I told my peers that I had set up a YouTube channel like this and that I had an income, they couldn’t believe how someone was making money sitting at home in the village.”


Source: BBC


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