Under the directive of Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is working on the policy of blocking unwanted marketing SMS. The Pakistan telecom authority has launched a spam SMS blocking system that prevents marketing SMSes from being sent to customers without their consent. Mobile phone operators and telemarketing corporations will start implementing this new system from 1 July onward.


Mobile Phone Operators Will Implement Spam SMS Blocking System from July


The new spam SMS blocking system includes the preparation of two types of lists to help mobile users avert marketing SMSes. One list will be compiled for users who want SMS marketing and another will be compiled for those who dislike promotional SMSes. The PTA announced that mobile phone operators and telemarketers will start offering the opt-in and opt-out system on 1 July. 


PTA’s New System Will Offer Opt-Out Option at the End of Each Marketing Message


The new spam SMS blocking system will offer a link to opt-out at the end of each marketing message, a customer will be able to put themself on the SMS marketing block list. Marketing SMSes will only be sent only to customers who are on the opt-in list. It added that a list containing the letters and numbers of telemarketers will be prepared. All mobile phone operators have been asked to submit the list to the PTA by 21 June.


The Advisor to the PM on Strategic Reforms, Salman Sufi, contacted the Chairman PTA on 4 June and they discussed the protection of the data of mobile phone users and messages sent by marketers. Sufi informed the Chairman of the premier’s instructions for the immediate review of the privacy laws concerning citizens and the unfavorable and unwanted messages sent by the marketers. PTA officials say work on a policy to block promotional SMSes has commenced in accordance with the PM’s instructions.


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