E-IPO System

Investors will now be connected electronically with the  E-IPO system. Sharing registrars with brokers/TRE Certificate holders, banks via 1LINK, and the shares custodial company, Central Depository Company (CDC), on a real-time basis will be possible with a simplified end-to-end customer experience.

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Farrukh H. Khan, MD & CEO Pakistan Stock Exchange, said, that the new E-IPO system is a tremendous initiative in digitalizing the IPO process. He also said that this system will transform the entire IPO process. Such developments are the need of the hour. This developed system is very promising. PSX is determined to take the lead and bring the capital market in line with global trends and international standards by connecting investors, share registrars, brokers, banks, gateway firms like 1LINK, and the shares custodians, CDC, in providing a fast, efficient, and conducive experience for all participants of the IPO process

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Mr. Mahmood Siddiqui, Chief Information Officer at PSX expressed his thoughts by saying that the new E-IPO system is a step towards the advancement of the market of Pakistan. It allows the end-to-end digitalized experience for all the people out there in the market of the IPO process. The approach is par excellence as it enables swiftness and efficiency in accelerating IPO through the digital realm and the internet.

Mr. Najeeb Agrawalla CEO 1Link also expressed his thoughts by saying, In a world full of tremendous advancements, which demands unique solutions and methodology towards solving problems, 1LINK 1BILL is enabling digitization and economic growth by providing payment solutions. The Pandemic leads us to circumstances where systems like robust digital payment ecosystem and 1LINK are the need of the hour. PSX alliance is yet another step towards facilitating customers and enhance the investor’s outreach.

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Source: Propakistani

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