Recently, two students residing in Karachi have claimed to have created mind-controlled prosthetic arms as part of their final year project (FYP) to overcome the problem faced by amputees or disabled people. As per the duo, the arm consists of a “triple movement” structure, which enables a person to open and close their wrists, type, and lift objects too, similar to human hand function. 

According to the students, currently available prosthetics are based on “single movement”, which only allows a person to open and close their hands. With this innovation, a positive turnover can be observed in the prosthetics industry of Pakistan, as mind-controlled prosthetics are still in the prototype phase and are yet to be launched internationally. However, the talks of an implant system that enables people to manage their bionic arm with their thoughts without requiring any supporting material could be available in Europe in the next two years, according to scientists.

In the interview, these brilliant young innovators have said that they have successfully tested the prosthetic arm by testing it on various patients and having them perform various tasks successfully.

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“Prosthetic arms in Pakistan are minimal and don’t offer movement to the wearer,” stated Bilal, one of the students. “The innovative prosthetic arm functions as per the wearer’s brain signals, whether the person is thinking of opening the wrist or closing it or typing. Each prosthetic has unique features as per the classification of the person wearing it.”, he adds.

In addition to it, the students have also mentioned that they have already received an order for the said arm and are now working on its assemble, which will be attached to the patient in the coming week. 

A similar innovation was also observed, when a group of Pakistani engineers had successfully created a similar robotic arm regulated by the brain, also as part of their final year project in the year 2019. 


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