RNS Solutions Private Limited, the leading blockchain software development firm from Pakistan, Korea, and Singapore this week declared a partnership with the ICD-Islamic Development Bank Group, a multilateral advancement bank that encourages social and budgetary development in member nations, and Trustedchain software development & consultancy company in Saudi Arabia.


Moreover, as part of the alliance, the consortium (RNS Solutions & Trustedchain) will be forming a blockchain and AI-based financial literacy (FinLit) program, which will highlight a crowdfunding lab based on blockchain tech. The platform will further comprise an interactive fiscal learning management arrangement and economic AI chatbot assistance schemes.


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Furthermore, the partnership will also provide financial guidance and information to younger generations that are usually ill-prepared for the monetary requirements of the modernized world, FinLit will break down complicated financial and finance terms, services, and products within the platform.


“Our youth often end up out of college, in the real world, with no idea how to leverage their current income into sustainable and generational wealth,” said Dr. Shakil Muhammad, Chairman of RNS Solutions. “FinLit will provide various modules from financial learning by hackathons, webinars, and tracking, to project exhibition. Each project will have tokenized equity for startups and enable investors to make secure and profitable decisions regarding project funding.”


Having been operating in Asia for many years on social and worldwide scales, RNS Solutions’ partnership with Trustedchain will generate rapid industrial growth in the greater MENA region. Related to blockchain and software, the alliance with RNS Solutions will place Asia and MENA on the map as the trailblazers in the blockchain development game.


The extremely anticipated FinLit software development platform is poised to transform how people throughout the world access, process, and support financial education, seamlessly.


Source: Yahoo


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