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Pakistan recorded export earnings of more than $635 million by offering several IT services to a complete host of countries during the first quarter of the monetary year 2021-22. This shows the increase of 42.67 percent when compared to $445.080 million obtained through the provision of services during the similar period of the fiscal year 2020-21, as proclaimed by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS). 


Furthermore, during July-September (2021-22), the export of IT services rose by 40.90 percent as it surged from $348.400 million last fiscal year to $490.890 million this year. Amongst the IT services, the exports of software consultancy assistance observed an increase in export earnings of 52.72 percent, from $115.534 million to $176.534 million while the exports of hardware consultancy services also increased by 506.52 percent from, $0.138 million to $0.837 million.


Import & Export of Software-Related IT Services Also Surged by 42.39%


The import and export of IT software-related services also surged by 42.39 percent, from $87.575 million to $124.702 million whereas the exports of repairing and maintenance services surge to $0.345 million from $0.145 million. In addition, the exports earnings of other IT services increased by 30.03 percent going up from $145.008 million to $188.560 million.


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Meantime, the export of IT services during the period under review grew by 76.32 percent by going up from $0.760 million to $1.340 million. Among the information services, the exports of news agency services increased by 134.06 percent, from $0.411 million to $0.962 million whereas the exports of other information services also increased by 8.31 percent, from $0.349 million to $0.378 million. 


Export Earnings of Telecommunication Services Also Observed an Increase of 48.85%


Moreover, the export earnings of telecommunication services also observed an increase of 48.85 percent as these went up from $95.920 million to 142.780 million during the year under review, the data reported. Among the telecommunication services, the export of call center services improved by 38.66 percent during the period as its exports rose from $31.751 million to $44.026 million whereas the export earnings of other telecommunication services also increased by 53.90 percent, from $64.169 million to $98.754 million during the period under review, the PBS data showed.


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