OpenAI CEO Sam Altman exchanged vows in a picturesque seaside ceremony with his longtime boyfriend, Oliver Mulherin. The intimate affair, attended by a select few loved ones, was captured in the images that quickly circulated on social media. Despite the couple’s joyous occasion, speculations arose on platforms questioning the authenticity of the images, prompting Altman to address the skepticism in a statement to a news outlet confirming the union.

Confirmed! Sam Altman Exchanged Vows with his Longtime Boyfriend

Oliver Mulherin, Altman’s now-spouse, took to Instagram to share the news with a caption that resonated with the depth of their connection, proclaiming, “Married my best friend and love of my life.” The post, subsequently shared by Free Press Journal, solidified the occasion in the eyes of the public.

Twitter user @heyBarsee, formerly known as X, contributed to the social media buzz by sharing additional images from the wedding ceremony. These pictures mirrored those shared by Mulherin on Instagram, further quelling doubts about the authenticity of the moment. The news of Altman’s wedding comes against the backdrop of his eventful tenure at OpenAI, including a brief departure in November the previous year, his return as CEO marked a major moment for the organization, catalyzing major restructuring.

Who is Oliver Mulherin?

The news of Altman’s marriage to Mulherin sparked curiosity about the previously private relationship. While Altman hinted at their desire to start a family in a September 2023 interview, many remained unaware of Oliver Mulherin’s identity. Altman and Mulherin, despite attending high-profile events like the White House state dinner, had managed to keep their relationship largely under wraps.

The couple’s discretion about their personal lives intensified public curiosity, leading many to look into Mulherin’s background and professional life. According to his LinkedIn profile, Mulherin, an Australian software engineer, had a stint with Meta from August 2020 to November 2022, adding a twist to the couple’s story.

Altman’s leadership has been instrumental in shaping OpenAI into a prominent force in the AI game, with milestones like the introduction of ChatGPT and substantial investments in AI research and development.

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