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In the recent news, the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) head office was struck by a system malfunction early on Thursday. The recent system malfunction has affected bank operations across the country, as the bank customers reported problems throughout the day.

NBP Branches and ATMs Services Gets Struck with Severe System Malfunction

An official statement about the system malfunction from NBP read: “Some of NBP branches and ATMs services were affected today (10th March 2022) by an unforeseen breakdown in our computer servers. We continue to serve our clients through alternative means and with certain limitations. We regret the inconvenience caused to our customers, and assure them that we are taking all necessary measures to restore the full suite of our services at the earliest possible time.” 

Back in October NBP Had Been a Victim of a Cyber Attack 

Moreover, according to sources, there was a server system malfunction at the NBP head office. Resultantly, no commerce could take place throughout the day. Sources stated that the bank’s technical team was working on the central server to resolve the matter on priority. While the reason for the system malfunction is yet to be shared. Similar instances have been occurred in the past year as well, for instance, in October 2021, hackers targeted a unit of the computer system at the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)and disrupted payments for thousands of public sector employees.

During the said cyberattack, the NBP servers attacked by the hackers were detected which affected some of its services. The cyberattack disrupted NPB services throughout Pakistan, stirring fears at the time that the payment of salaries and pensions to public sector employees would be delayed. Except for issues encountered by NBP across its network of operations, the bank normally caters to a large number of civil helpers, public sector employees, armed forces, and pensioners. NBP’s service quality has always been inadequate compared to its peer banks. However, its coverage through branches and ATMs is widespread even in small cities being a public sector bank.

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