National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) Cyber Attack

As per the sources , National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) has undergone a major cyber attack on a section of its computer systems causing disruption in the services of Bank and as a consequence a payment delay to thousands of Public sector employees is also expected nationwide.

The reported cyber attack on NBP has also been confirmed by the president of National Bank Arif Usmani. The hackers got control of some of the computers running Microsoft Software, however the attempt to access main servers failed somehow.

The cyberattack was launched on the night between Friday and Saturday

As per Arif Usmani the The cyberattack was launched on the night between Friday and Saturday causing disruption in NBP services throughout the country.  The delay is being feared in the payments specially the one of salaries and pensions to be paid to government employees.

NBP has invested heavy sums on ensuring cyber security and countering cyber attacks on the Bank in the recent months and yet it has not been of much help.

Last year, Skimming devices were found on one of the ATMs of National Bank of Pakistan however NBP had denied the reports of the data breach.

SBP responded to reported cyber attack on NBP in a tweet

Later SBP responded to the news regarding cyber Attack on NBP in a tweet stating

“NBP has reported a cyber security related incident which is being investigated. NBP has not observed any data breach or financial loss. No other bank has reported any such incidence. SBP is monitoring the situation closely to ensure safety and soundness of banking system.”

FBR, the largest data center in Pakistan underwent a similar cyber attack

Earlier this year, Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), the largest data center in Pakistan, had been compromised in a Major Cyber Attack and all tax machinery websites had become unreachable.

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Hackers had attacked Pakistan’s largest data centre run by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) managing to break the hyper-V software by Microsoft.

It seems that the cyber security policy has to be taken seriously by Officials in order to prevent such breaches.

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