National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has introduced Nishan Pakistan, a  biometric verification platform to empower commercial startups and young entrepreneurs. With Nishan Pakistan, NADRA will provide secure biometric verification services to commercial startups and young entrepreneurs.

Nishan Pakistan: What is It?

Chairman NADRA took to Twitter to announce the initiative; he said, “NADRA has launched #NishanPakistan, a game-changer platform empowering commercial startups & young entrepreneurs with secure Biometric Verification. Prioritising the citizens’ needs, Gen Z of Pakistan is empowered to embrace the digital revolution.”

Nishan Pakistan is a biometric verification platform that offers a wide range of services designed to facilitate secure and reliable customer identification, eliminating the risks associated with fake identities. It also caters to businesses and entrepreneurs by providing them with diversified options depending on their needs. The platform also features an API gateway and a cutting-edge sandbox, enabling seamless integration and ensuring a smooth user experience. This allows businesses to incorporate the Nishan Pakistan services into their existing systems and workflows.

Services Provided

Here is a list of services being provided by Nishan Pakistan:

  • Desktop Bio Verification: This service ensures customer identification by digitally verifying their biometric information, thereby enabling businesses to prevent fraudulent activities and ensure the authenticity of their customers.
  • Desktop Bio Verification with Data: In addition to digital verification, this service allows businesses to acquire detailed information about their customers, enabling them to have a comprehensive
  • Contactless Bio Verification: Leveraging the capabilities of smart mobile phones, this service enables contactless fingerprint acquisition and matching, providing a convenient and secure biometric verification solution.
  • Contactless Bio Verification with Data: This service takes the customer verification process a step further by digitizing the entire Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Through contactless KYC, businesses can transform and streamline their customer onboarding procedures, enhancing efficiency and security.

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