Microsoft is gradually transforming its classic Paint application into a powerful tool for creators. A new update currently undergoing testing by Windows Insiders, Microsoft Paint is introducing two game-changing features: layers and transparency; these functionalities, synonymous with Adobe Photoshop, are indispensable for advanced image editing and digital art. What’s remarkable is that they’re now available in a free-to-use Windows app.

Microsoft Paint Embraces Layers for Creative Freedom

With the introduction of layers in the new version of Microsoft Paint, users can access fundamental tools for working with multiple layers. This includes adding new layers, rearranging them, merging, duplicating, and more. These capabilities empower artists and image editors to create intricate compositions with stacked image elements. This update represents a significant leap forward for Paint, making it a viable option for users who may not require the full power of Photoshop but still desire versatile image editing capabilities. To try out these new Paint features, users can sign up for the Windows Insider Canary or Dev Channels and anticipate the update’s arrival, although availability may vary initially.

Transparency and Background Removal

Another noteworthy aspect of this update is support for image transparency. Users can now open and save images in the transparent PNG format, eliminating backgrounds effortlessly. This feature complements a recent addition to Paint, which introduced a background removal tool. The ability to handle transparency and remove backgrounds simplifies tasks like creating cutouts or overlaying images efficiently.

For Windows users, this update is a welcome development, as it offers accessible image manipulation without the burden of expensive software subscriptions. Microsoft Paint’s evolution is a boon as the cost of Adobe’s services continues to rise and other platforms restrict similar tools behind paywalls. It empowers users to perform basic to intermediate image editing tasks without the need for complex and costly professional-grade software. This shift could potentially make Paint the go-to choice for tasks like crafting family photo collages, providing an accessible alternative to more complex software options.

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