GrowthX Accelerator program

Microsoft for Startups has inaugurated the first cohort of its GrowthX Accelerator program in Pakistan in alliance with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO). The first cohort has been declared covering 15 Pakistani startups that will work with partners such as Etihad Airways, Unilever, Flow, Akbank, KPMG, and IKEA.

GrowthX Accelerator Program Will Bridge the Gap Between Corporates and B2B Startups 

The Microsoft for Startups’ GrowthX Accelerator Program is created to bridge the gap between corporates and B2B startups across the Middle East and Africa by connecting startups with huge corporations. The drive is a 12-week program centered on empowering the B2B startups with technology, mentoring, and business access.

“Startups are now in the driver’s seat to fulfilling their potential through the Microsoft for Startups’ GrowthX Accelerator Program. It is exhilarating to facilitate an empowering experience for B2B startups to make the most of the technology, mentoring, and access to the market that this program will provide,” the statement issued by the company quoted Roberto Croci, Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups, MEA, as saying.

Abu Dhabi is Focused on Empowering Startups

Meanwhile, H.E. Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, reflecting on the GrowthX Accelerator program said: “Abu Dhabi is focused on empowering startups that can create a lasting impact in the digital economy”.

The 15 startups of the first cohort of Microsoft for Startups’ GrowthX Accelerator program include:

  • Spitch – a global provider of B2B and B2C Conversational AI solutions.
  • Gener8 – enables users to control and be rewarded from their own data.
  • Poltio – helps the world’s top brands engage and learn from their users with interactive content.
  • Getbee – an e-commerce platform that engages with customers on a more human and immersive level.
  • OPLOG –a pioneer in e-logistics, simplifying the cost, time, and resources for supply chain operations.
  • Fero –shaping the future of digital freight with technology to automate the logistics industry,
  • Urbantz – a SaaS solution to transform last-mile delivery and logistics across industries.
  • Barakatech – delivers super-app platforms, blockchain solutions, and next-gen FinTech microservices.
  • Hi55 – a digital payroll scheme to empower individuals and businesses with cash flow.
  • Nym Card – provides dynamic and secure building blocks for building fast and easy card programs.
  • Artiwise – an AI and NLP startup that provides cloud-based analytics solutions to enterprises.
  • B2Brain – delivers tailored analytics to automate research and intelligence to improve conversations.
  • Alpha Sense – an intelligence platform that helps businesses make data-driven decisions.
  • NexDegree –enables brick & mortar retail stores to improve customer experience and sales.
  • Udentify – reduces the need for manmade market research, utilizing body tracking technologies.

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Source: Mashable 


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