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On Monday, Meta announced that it will now let users post their NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) across both Instagram and Facebook. Users can post digital collectibles created on Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow by connecting their wallets, such as Rainbow, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, and Dapper Wallet.

Users Can Connect Their Digital Wallet to Start Posting NFTs on Both Instagram and Facebook

“You can now post-digital collectibles on @Facebook and @Instagram Connect your digital wallet to either app and start sharing your #NFTs today,” Meta Tweeted.

However, the company in a blog post said, “As we continue rolling out digital collectibles on Facebook and Instagram, we’ve started giving people the ability to post digital collectibles that they own across both Instagram and Facebook. This will enable people to connect their digital wallets once to either app in order to share their digital collectibles across both.”

Since May 2022, the company has been testing NFTs on each of its platforms. Earlier, the announcement was made via a post on Facebook where the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, posted a picture of his old little league baseball card that will soon be converted into NFT. For users to post NFTs on Instagram, they’ll have to connect their digital wallets to their Instagram accounts. Meta has also said that it will offer integrations with third-party wallets like MetaMask, Rainbow, and Trust Wallet, which will be launched soon. Currently, Meta is offering support for Ethereum, Flow, and the Polygon blockchain. However, it might roll out a few more options as the project expands.

Meta Has Initially Invested $10 Billion to Develop Metaverse Technologies

Furthermore, Meta has been actively investing in metaverse projects with an initial $10 billion investment to develop metaverse technologies and is also building a supercomputer to accelerate the project. The company’s expansion in this space will depend heavily on digital assets, whereas right now it’s struggling with a 1 percent revenue drop in 2022.

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