Fast food joint McDonald's is accepting Bitcoins and Tether as payment methods in the Swiss town of Lugano.

Fast food joint McDonald’s is accepting Bitcoins and Tether as payment methods in the Swiss town of Lugano as part of an ongoing crypto-friendly experiment in the Italian province of Switzerland. As per details, Plan Foundation, a joint initiative between the Swiss City of Lugano and USDT stablecoin issuer Tether, announced a collaboration with payment facilitator GoCrypto to officially bring Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), and LVGA payments to Lugano, hence, enabling citizens to use their wallets at McDonald’s and other merchants.

Lugano – Hotspot of Crypto Adoption

Lugano is a city of 63,000 inhabitants that is slowly becoming a hotspot for crypto adoption in Western Europe. It would become one of the first cities in the world to introduce an entire cryptocurrency payments economy, where more than 200 stores and businesses are expected to accept crypto payments for goods and services.

On 3rd Oct, Bitcoin Magazine uploaded a video of a person ordering food on a McDonald’s digital kiosk and paying for the order in BTC at the register with a mobile app. The Tether and Bitcoin logo can also be easily spotted in the video placed on the credit card machine since it is utilized as a legal tender. Paolo Ardoino, Tether’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), said, “From small transactions with local merchants to larger efforts – such as paying annual taxes – blockchain will serve as the foundation for the city’s financial exchanges.”

McDonald’s Accepting Bitcoins in El Salvador

McDonald’s has also started accepting bitcoin as the payment method in El Salvador, the first nation to adopt the cryptocurrency as legal tender, on 7th September 2021. The residents of El Salvador can now pay for any items on the fast food chain’s menu with bitcoin at all 19 McDonald’s locations in the country, as well as online and through delivery apps.

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