The People’s Bus Service, a lifeline for over 100,000 commuters daily in Karachi, is set to undergo a digital transformation next month. Sindh Transport Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon has shared plans to introduce prepaid card payments, revolutionizing the way passengers pay for their rides. In a bid to modernize public transportation, the People’s Bus Service is set to introduce digital payment options starting next month, heralding a new era of convenience for commuters in Karachi.

The Digital Transformation of People’s Bus Service

The People’s Bus Service is embracing digital payments to enhance the efficiency and convenience of public transportation. Minister Memon announced the rollout of prepaid cards for routes 1 and 9, with plans to expand the system to all routes once it proves successful. Passengers will enjoy the added convenience of using the same prepaid card across various public transport schemes, including the Green Line, Orange Line, and upcoming BRT projects.

The Expansion of Project

The transport minister announced the launch of the Peoples Bus Service in Mirpurkhas; he mentioned being entrusted by Bilawal Bhutto and President Asif Ali Zardari to enhance the transport infrastructure. Additionally, Memon declared a crackdown on drugs in the province. Moreover, he criticized the caretaker government’s “lethargic approach,” pointing out its failure to implement the automated fare system despite the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) completing all necessary groundwork and technical formalities during its tenure.

The transport minister also revealed plans for the BRT Yellow Line after Eid. The first phase of the project involves reconstructing Jam Sadiq Bridge in Korangi. “Another major development is that we are going to start ground-breaking BRT Yellow Line after Eid, and in the first phase, Jam Sadiq Bridge in Korangi will be rebuilt as part of the project,” said the transport minister.

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