In a remarkable transformation journey, a Japanese man has embraced his unique desire to become a ‘human dog,’ spending an astonishing $20,000 on his metamorphosis. After months of preparation and self-discovery, he recently took his first walk in public, leaving onlookers both amazed and bewildered by his distinctive appearance and behavior.

$20,000 Transformation into a Human Dog

Toco, as he is known, underwent an extraordinary metamorphosis, investing two million Yen (A$22,000) in his quest to become a human dog. His hyper-realistic dog costume, carefully crafted by the Japanese company Zeppet, took 40 days to complete. Zeppet specializes in creating costumes for TV commercials and films, including body costumes, miniatures, and 3D models.

Embracing his newfound persona, Toco shared videos of himself playing on all fours in his garden and attempting dog-like tricks, even accepting faux dog food as a treat. His YouTube channel, ‘I want to be an animal,’ has garnered nearly 30,000 subscribers, drawn by his captivating portrayal of a human dog.

Stepping Into the World as a Canine Companion

With growing confidence, Toco ventured outside for the first time in his human dog persona, taking a stroll on a leash in a couple of intriguing clips posted on his YouTube account. During his outing, he interacted with other people and animals, sniffing at fellow dogs in a park and engaging in joyful play on the ground.

Despite his unique following and the positive reception from passersby and other dogs, Toco remains reluctant to reveal his true identity and remove his canine mask. He has expressed concerns about being misunderstood by friends and colleagues, choosing to keep his peculiar passion for being a dog hidden from those around him. “They find it strange that I wish to be a dog. I rarely tell my friends because I’m afraid they’ll think I’m weird,” the man stated.

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