Instagram lite

The wait is finally over as the new Instagram lite has finally been released. After being tested multiple times by Facebook the app came into existence.

The app is beneficial as it is less data-intensive and it allows its users to use the app with fewer resources, in regions having band connectivity.

Following are the details of the app:

  1. The app is of size 2MB and it does not include data-rich animations and other heavy features.
  2. The app does not consist of cube transitions, AR filters as it consumes a lot of data.
  3. Instagram Lite will support GIFs and stickers that can be applied to stories
  4. As per user’s demand, Instagram Lite also provides a dark theme (black background with grey letters)

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According to Facebook, people living in communal areas and close quarters will be able to browse “more privately and not bother those around them”.

For now, the application is available on Google’s Play store for more than 170 countries. Facebook has assured its user, of making the application global soon.

Image Source: Techjuice


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