Hundreds of Muslim women were listed for auction on Bulli Bai app, with photographs doctored and uploaded without permission.

The Bulli Bai app listed hundreds of Indian Muslim women for auction using photos taken from their social accounts. The Bulli Bai app surfaced on the software development platform, GitHub, which reportedly carried pictures of 100 Muslim women.

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An Indian journalist highlighted the Bulli Bai app issue

An Indian Muslim journalist Ismat Ara brought attention to the issue after sharing a screenshot from the app where she was listed for auction. Ara lodged a police complaint regarding the Bulli Bai app on 1st Jan with the cyber cell of Delhi police. Later, she tweeted; “It is very sad that as a Muslim woman you have to start your new year with this sense of fear and disgust.”

This is the second instance, where pictures of Indian Muslim women are used without their consent. Six months prior, a website called ‘Sulli Deals’ collect photos of Muslim women from their social media accounts and encourage people to participate in their auction.

Bollywood fraternity recorded their protests

As Ara’s tweet went viral many known faces of Bollywood stood up for the support of Indian Muslim women. Farhan Akhtar protested; “This is sickening!! Request authorities to take swift and strict action against the people behind this grotesque act.”

Swara Bhasker wrote; “At that point where we’ve to remind ourselves that it’s not okay to SELL MUSLIM WOMEN ONLINE! Remind ourselves that it’s not kosher to rally & call for genocide! That it’s not okay to disrupt people’s prayers. This is happening in our name, in the name of our Gods. It’s on us!”

Source: DAWN


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