infected Google Play apps

The government has issued a warning regarding a recent incident involving infected Google Play apps, highlighting the presence of Android malware named Goldoson. Users are advised to exercise caution when downloading and installing apps, even from trusted sources, and to implement best practices to protect their devices.

Goldoson Malware Detected in Legitimate Google Play Apps

According to a government advisory, the Android malware Goldoson has managed to infiltrate the Google Play Store through approximately 60 legitimate apps. This malicious software is embedded within a third-party library utilized by app developers. Goldoson is capable of gathering various types of data from mobile devices, including app details, wirelessly connected devices, and GPS location. Moreover, it can engage in advertisement fraud by automatically clicking ads without the user’s consent.

Infected Google Play Store Apps Identified

The government advisory has listed several apps that have been found to be infected with the Goldoson malware. Some of the affected apps include Swipe Brick Breaker, Bounce Brick Breaker, Korea Subway Info: Metroid, GOM Player, and Compass 9: Smart Compass, among others. Although Google Play has already blacklisted these apps, users are advised to manually check their devices and remove these apps if they were previously installed.

To safeguard against similar threats, users are urged to remain vigilant while downloading and installing apps, even from trusted sources. It is essential to adopt best practices such as limiting app permissions, verifying the legitimacy of developers, and reading user reviews. By following these precautions, users can minimize the risk of falling victim to malicious software and ensure the security of their devices and personal information.

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