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Tech giant, Google will now commence the beta testing of its newly announced Google Play Games for PC product in three overseas markets: Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan. The company announced the latest gaming application last month during The Game Awards event. It enables people to play Google Play games on Windows PCs, in addition to presently supported platforms such as mobile, tablet, and ChromeOS. 


Google Play Games Brings Android Games on Windows


Moreover, the latest new PC support will comprise both laptops and desktops. Along with it, players will be able to pick up from where they left off when switching from another device, like their Android phone, over to their computer. Google had previously announced the first markets to gain access to the Google Play Games PC app, which was expected to arrive in early 2022. However, an exact date had not yet been given.


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After acquiring access to the beta, testers will be able to try out famous Android games on Windows like “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang,” “Summoners War,” “State of Survival: The Joker Collaboration,” and “Three Kingdoms Tactic,” which already reach hundreds of millions of players worldwide each month. In total, beta testers will have access to more than 25 Android games on Windows in the latest PC app. 


The new Google Play Games PC app allows users to browse through the catalog, then download and play Android games on Windows with a larger screen, while further taking advantage of their mouse and keyboard inputs. Users’ gameplay advancement, meanwhile, will sync between devices, and they’ll continue to early Play Points when gaming on the PC.


Microsoft is Also Working to Bring Android Apps to Windows 11


The Google Play Games PC app’s rollout follows a recent move from Microsoft to bring Android apps to Windows 11, which comprised a collaboration with Amazon and its own Amazon Appstore, as demand for cross-platform gameplay has warmed up. But the PC app isn’t being built in alliance with Microsoft — it’s Google’s own app, which is built in-house and distributed. 


Source: TechCrunch


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