Google is launching a 'personalized speech recognition' feature to amplify Google assistant services by storing audios.

Google is launching a ‘personalized speech recognition’ feature to amplify Google assistant services. The intention is for the app to begin storing audio on your phone in order to help Google Assistant get better at recognizing what you say, as well as your frequent queries.

APK teardown of personalized speech recognition

As indicated by 9to5Google in the APK teardown found by looking through the decompiled code of the latest personalized speech recognition update; “The upcoming feature looks to expand those machine learning-based improvements beyond “Hey Google” to your actual Assistant commands, especially those with names (e.g., using your voice to message contacts) and frequently spoken words. Audio of past utterances will be stored on-device and analyzed to make transcriptions more accurate in the future.”

The upgraded model learns how to adjust the model from the voice data, and sends a summary of the model changes to Google servers. These summaries are then aggregated across many users to provide a better model for everyone. As mentioned earlier, the information was found through the decompiled code which implies that it might be possible that the upcoming feature might be released at some point but it is also possible that it might not see the light of day.

Improving interactions with assistant

Google is continuously improving the users’ interactions with the assistant. The newly launched Look and Talk feature completely eliminated the need of waking up ta Google assistant. You can just summon the digital assistant by looking on your smartphone and a small Google assistant logo will appear on the edge of your mobile device. It is important to understand that the Look and Talk feature will only work when you opt to use it and have both Face Match and Voice Match enabled.

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