Google Bard Advanced is on the horizon, marking Google's potential shift towards monetizing its AI chatbot services.

Google’s Bard AI chatbot continues its evolution, now equipped to answer specific questions about YouTube videos. Building on the earlier YouTube Extension launch in September, this update empowers Bard to explore the content, providing users with detailed information about the videos they watch.

Google Expands Bard AI Chatbot YouTube Capabilities

“We’re taking the first steps in Bard’s ability to understand YouTube videos,” states the company on Bard’s updates page. Previously limited to finding specific videos, Bard can now respond to inquiries about the content within a video. For example, users watching a tutorial on making olive oil cake can now ask Bard about specific details, such as the number of eggs required in the recipe. The platform introduced an AI conversational tool that responds to questions about video content and a comments summarizer tool. This collective effort aims to enhance user engagement by providing real-time information and organizing comment section discussions

Enriching Conversations Beyond Video Discovery

Prior to this feature, Bard’s YouTube Extension primarily facilitated video discovery based on broad categories. With the latest update, users can engage in more interactive discussions by seeking information or clarification about the content itself. Whether identifying a picturesque location in a travel video or extracting specific details, Bard’s capabilities now extend beyond mere video recommendations.

Google simultaneously expanded Bard’s access to teenagers globally. Teens can leverage Bard to seek inspiration, discover new hobbies, and find solutions to everyday problems. The tool caters to a wide range of queries, from academic advice, such as university recommendations, to more leisure-oriented topics, like learning a new sport.

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