GitHub and OpenAI have rolled out a technical preview of the latest AI tool called Copilot, which exists inside the Visual Studio Code editor and autocompletes code fragments.


Copilot performs more than just mimic back code it’s detected before, as per GitHub. It instead interprets the code you have already written and produces new similar code, incorporating specific functions that were previously called. Models on the project’s website cover automatically writing the code to send tweets, draw a scatterplot, or take a Goodreads rating.


Furthermore, the tool operates best with Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, and Go, according to a blog post from GitHub CEO Nat Friedman.

GitHub perceives this as the growth of pair programming, where two programmers will work on the same project to detect each other’s mistakes and expedite the development process. With Copilot, one of those coders is virtual.


Moreover, this project is the first major event of Microsoft’s $ 1 billion endowment in OpenAI, the analysis company now managed by Y Combinator president Sam Altman. Since Altman took over, OpenAI has evolved from a non-profit corporation to a “Limited benefit” model, took over Microsoft’s investment, and started licensing its GPT-3 text generation algorithm.


In addition, Copilot is based on a new algorithm called OpenAI Codex, which OpenAI CTO Greg Brockman defines as the latest version of GPT-3.

GPT-3 is OpenAI’s flagship language generation algorithm, which can create text sometimes imperceptible from human handwriting. It is competent in writing so convincingly due to its 175 billion parameter size, or flexible controls that enable the algorithm to correlate connections among letters, words, phrases, and sentences.


While GPT-3 produces English, OpenAI Codex generates code. OpenAI intends to issue a version of Codex via its API later this summer so developers can build their applications with the technology.


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