SpaceX will livestream ads from space via tiny satellite, CubeSat

Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), a Canadian startup, exclusively told Insider that it will Livestream ads from space with the help of SpaceX. The Canadian startup company reached out to SpaceX in 2018 with an advertising proposal but it took SpaceX a while to take it seriously

GEC is in the process of assembling a satellite, that goes by the name of CubeSat. One side of the satellite will have a pixelated display screen where the advertisements, logos, and art will happen. The company plans to load the CubeSat onto a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, which will take it into orbit and release it before the rocket touches the moon.

What’s the process to advertise in the CubeSat

To advertise on the CubeSat, people have to buy tokens to claim, locate, and design any image on the display screen. There are five tokens to choose from — Beta for the X coordinate, Rho for the Y coordinate, Gamma for the brightness, Kappa for the colour, and XI for time.

With the Beta and Rho tokens, people can determine where to position their logo/image. The Gamma and Kappa tokens enable people to control what their pixel will look like, while the XI token determines how long the advertisement will last. Purchasing advertisements for CubeSat will require cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and Dogecoin.

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SpaceX will Livestream ads from space using a satellite

According to Business Insider, the CubeSat will separate from the rocket before it goes to the moon, allowing the satellite to stay in Earth’s orbit. Then, a selfie stick will deploy from the CubeSat to film a display screen. The footage will be shown directly to Twitch or YouTube to allow anyone to watch the advertisements

Elon Musk faces a backlash

Musk’s sent over 12,000 satellites into space as part of his company’s goal of providing satellite internet to the world through, Starlink. The venture has faced backlash from astronomers and the general public, raising concerns that Musk’s plans to add tens of thousands more satellites into orbit could forever damage the view of the cosmos from the earth.

Also, the more the rocket fuel burns the more it releases soot and harmful chemicals that penetrate the deeper layers of the atmosphere to trigger climatic change.


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