Dubai, under the directive of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, has started a new initiative with the creation of the Dubai Investment Fund; this independent public entity is expected to assume a key role in overseeing all government investments, embodying financial autonomy and commercial orientation. The fund’s establishment aligns with the objective of enhancing financial stability, generating returns, and fortifying Dubai’s economic landscape.

Dubai Investment Fund to Drive Strategic Investments

The Dubai Investment Fund, operating commercially, is empowered to make strategic investments that benefit both current and future generations. Chaired by Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed, its board will adhere to approved investment policies, focusing on stocks, bonds, and securities and exploring opportunities in local and international financial markets.

A core aspect of the fund’s mission is to support the financial stability of the Dubai government by financing deficits and establishing robust financial reserves. Simultaneously, it aims to contribute to the emirate’s strategic priorities, endorse public policies, diversify income sources, and support vital economic and social sectors.

Future of Government Investments with Strategic Autonomy

The Dubai Investment Fund, while respecting the authority of the Investment Corporation of Dubai, is equipped to invest in government surpluses, establish companies, and engage in mergers independently or with third parties. Additionally, it has the capacity to deal with movable and immovable assets, manage funds, provide mortgages and guarantees, and participate in financial derivatives business. Transparency is essential, as the fund is mandated to make data and information accessible to the public.

Dubai World is set to be affiliated with the Dubai Investment Fund while preserving its legal identity. The board, led by Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed, includes key figures such as Abdulrahman Al Saleh (vice-chairman) and Abdulaziz Al Mulla (managing director and chief executive). This esteemed team is entrusted with steering the fund towards its strategic objectives.

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