The RAW's cyber network prime suspect, Sufyan Naqvi, was arrested from the Rizvia area of Karachi, along with important information.

The officials of the police department and other sensitive agencies have unearthed a secret cyber network of India’s intel agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). The RAW’s cyber network prime suspect, Sufyan Naqvi, was arrested from the Rizvia area of Karachi.

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RAW’s secret cyber network

A joint investigation was conducted by a team of police and sensitive agencies, who found important clues from the computer of the prime suspect of RAW’s cyber network. According to the investigators, Sufyan Naqvi had been hired as a project coordinator in the Maldives and tasked to continue his job online while staying in Pakistan. Previously, a former RAW agent Daniel revealed that Pakistan does not send spies to India to carry out subversive activities. Rather, India frequently sends spies over into Pakistani territory.

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Naqvi’s job description had been finalised by an Indian handler via a contact number of the United Kingdom (UK). The woman handler had offered Rs30,000 to Rs50,000 monthly salary to Sufyan Naqvi besides providing hatred content against Pakistan Army and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. The suspect had also been instructed to remain in contact with some anti-Pakistan elements and was directed to use different apps for hiding his identity.

Key evidence collected from Naqvi’s computer

The authorities revealed that RAW has focused to target educated youth in Pakistan by offering online jobs. They further added that recommendations will be forwarded to the higher authorities for constituting a joint investigation team (JIT) to interrogate the suspect. The investigators claimed to have collected key evidence from Naqvi’s computer and the mobile phone that had been sent to authorities for forensic examination. Meanwhile, the officials of police and sensitive agencies have amped up efforts to trace other elements linked with RAW’s secret cyber network.

Source: ARY News 


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