One of the largest depositories in India, Central Depository Services (CDSL), said that it has detected malware in some of its computers.

A recent report published by a Chinese cybersecurity company states that a state-level Indian hacking organization was launching cyberattacks against China and Pakistan, mainly targeting the sensitive military departments of the respective countries. 


Not the First Cyberattacks Launched by an Indian Hacking Organization 


The said report entailed an article written by the Secretary-General of the Cyberspace International Governance Research Center Lu Chuanying, published in the China Military Online, stated that this was not the first time that an Indian hacking organization launched cyberattacks on other countries.


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Furthermore, Chuanying warned that rampant cyberattacks launched by the Indian hacking organization against neighboring countries have provoked severe adverse effects on regional security and security, and will create major hurdles to the future cybersecurity assistance of foreign corporations, such as, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and BRICS.


India is Risking Violating the Cyber Codes Worked Out by the UN 


In addition to this, the secretary-general requested the international community to demand from New Delhi to stop such cyberattacks by the state-level Indian hacking organization. He declared that “by launching online attacks against its neighboring countries so unscrupulously, India risks violating the cyber codes worked out by the UN Group of Governmental Experts (NGGE) and relevant provisions of international law.”


Previously this month an article printed in Global Times, also declared that inquiries conducted by several of China’s leading cybersecurity companies discovered a sophisticated network operating from an Indian hacking organization that “constantly attacked defense and military units as well as state-owned enterprises in China, Nepal, and Pakistan over the past few years.” 


Source: Express Tribune 


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