The official Twitter account of ARY News was hacked on Friday morning and the private news channel is unable to recover its account to date.

The official Twitter account of ARY News was hacked on Friday morning, but, the private news channel has recovered the account. Hackers took control of the account and changed the user name to ‘GreenBeli’ – the first green reality blockchain ecosystem, which is now replaced by its original Twitter handle – @ARYNEWSOFFICIAL

The official Twitter account of ARY News has 4.5M followers

The name of the official Twitter account of ARY News, having 4.5M followers, was originally changed to ‘Uniswap’ which was put up for sale and the name was later changed to ‘GreenBeli’ The news was confirmed by the anchorperson of ARY News, Arshad Sharif, he tweeted from his verified Twitter handle; “Dear @GeorgeSalama @verified @TwitterSupport please help us recover our verified account “ARYNewsOfficial”. A hacker has renamed that account to @uniswap_offcial”.We are a leading news channel hence misuse could have serious ramifications. Your timely help will be appreciated!”

it is pertinent to mention here that a few days back ARY Digital YouTube channel was hacked by an Indian hacker which was later recovered by the technical team of the private news channel. The confirmation report from the ARY management reads; “The YouTube channel was hacked by Indian hackers for some time, during which the Indian hackers also tried to harass, but the YouTube channel was recovered promptly. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your patience “

Pakistani hackers hacked the Indian satellite news channel

The news of the hacking of the ARY News account surfaced a few days after an attempt made by Pakistani hackers to hack India’s Time8 news channel which was hacked during the live transmission and the screen was replaced by a Pakistani flag alongside ‘Respect Holy Prophet’ tickers. Meanwhile, the confirmation from ARY management still awaits either its Twitter account was hacked by Indians in retaliation or not.

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