The Meta Avatar Store allows the users to digitally shop for their avatar's outfits from Balenciaga, Prada, and Thom Browne.

Mark Zuckerberg announced a digital designer clothing store called the “Meta Avatars Store,”  during an Instagram Live with Instagram’s vice president of fashion partnerships Eva Chen. Zuckerberg said; “We’re launching our Avatars Store on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger so you can buy digital clothes to style your avatar.”


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The Meta Avatars Store

The Meta Avatars Store will be available in Canada, Mexico, Thailand, and the U.S. next week featuring brands, such as; Balenciaga, Prada, and Thom Browne. The CEO of Balenciaga, Cédric Charbit, said in a statement, “When Meta tweeted, ‘Hey @Balenciaga, what’s the dress code in the metaverse?’ we were instantly into it. Web3 and Meta are bringing unprecedented opportunities for Balenciaga, our audience and our products, opening up new territories for luxury.”

According to the Verge, the items in the avatars store will cost $2.99 to $8.99 in the beginning. However, the free clothing options will also remain available for the Meta avatars. Explaining his idea of a digital store, Mark said; “A lot of the dream is to make it accessible to anyone. If you want to design fashion today, you need the physical materials and equipment, but in the future, anyone with a computer and imagination will be able to come up with ideas for this.”

Mark and Chen try new outfits for their avatars

During the Instagram live, Mark and Eva Chen dressed Mark’s avatar in new outfits from the Meta Avatars Store. The CEO of Meta was seen clad in Balenciaga skin, to which he said; “I think the only question is am I cool enough to wear that,” Chen then showed him a Thom Browne look she described as a classic English schoolboy kind of vibe.

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