The Pakistani hacker group, Revolution PK, hacked the Indian YouTube news channel, Time8, during their live stream. The Pakistani hackers replaced the live transmission of the Time8 News channel with the Pakistani flag and ran ‘Respect Holy Prophet(PBUH)’ tickers.

Pakistani hackers target the Time8 News channel to express their displeasure over recent incidents

During their live news stream, the Time8’s transmission was disturbed during a breaking news segment when the screen was replaced with Pakistan’s flag and a hymn running in the background saying praises for Prophet Muhammed(PBUH). The ticker was also replaced with ‘Respect Holy Prophet (PBUH)’ text, highlighting the recent blasphemous incident.

Recently, the BJP’s national spokeswoman Nupur Sharma and Delhi media operation head Naveen Jindal were heard uttering blasphemous remarks against the Prophet that have caused an uproar in the Muslim world with most of them banning the Indian products from their country. In India, hundreds gathered around the streets of Delhi, UP, West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Telangana to protest against the unacceptable statement made by the BJP leaders.

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Twitterati appreciated Revolution PK

The Pakistani Twitter users expressed their joy by tweeting in favor of Revolution PK and lauding them for hacking Time8 they were of the view that people who blatantly disrespect religious figures must be thoroughly punished by the state to avoid the built-up of hate-mongering activities between different communities. Here are some of the reactions by the Pakistani Twitter community:


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