UFL Tournament

On Monday, a Young individual from Pakistan Arsalan Ash made the entire nation proud by succeeding to be the winner of the World Ultimate Fight League (UFL) E-gaming finals.

WUFL is considered to be is globally known biggest fighting game championships asking elite e-gamers from across the globe to participate.
The gaming competitions held are Tekken and Mortal Kombat.

Pakistan ones again made it to the gaming world map after the 25-year-old Arslan’s win in the Tekken category. Pakistan is considered the top E-gaming country and set a stronger benchmark in the gaming world.

After Winning UFL Arslan is said to be the only Pakistani to have won a 4th major E-gaming world title consecutively.

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Celebrating his success the gamer took it to Twitter saying, “I send my praises to Allah, and I am very grateful for the hospitality and generosity of all the organizers, staff, and players”

The Game became more interesting as the match was held between two Pakistani gamers Arsalan Ash who defeated Awais Honey GG – a fellow Pakistani gamer and won the title with a 5:2 score. The game was also termed as Pakistan vs. Pakistan match highlighting the appearance of Pakistan in the e-gaming area.

Arsalan was crowned with a WWE-style belt around the waist. This is not it, as Arslan also managed to achieve the best in the game” after he found overnight success by entering EVO Japan 2019 as an “underdog” and winning it in the first attempt by defeating Jae-Min’s “Knee” Bae at the grand final.

Arsalan was also found participating in American counterpart EVO USA 2019 where in the same year he succeeded to be the first-ever unified Evo champion. ESPN also awarded him as the best e-sports player in 2019. Red Bull also signed Arsalan for the athlete based in Pakistan.

The story of Arsalan gives hope and motivation to many other individuals out there, guiding new paths.

Image Source: Techjuice

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